Separation Anxiety Advice For New Mom

A new mom’s attachment to their newborn is strong and the idea of not being with the baby even for a few minutes can be distressful. Separation anxiety is indeed common and advice for new mom can be helpful in dealing with the pain caused by having to separate from the baby. While it is okay to feel a bit anxious over being away from the baby, it can be highly stressful and may cause negative mental effects that impair the mother’s ability to care for baby properly resulting in improper growth and development. In addition, new moms to be must understand that it is not all about their needs but also the baby’s anxiety. Separation anxiety advice for new mom and dad includes how to detect separation anxiety and ways to counter this anxiety for both the new mom to be and the baby.

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Signs of Separation Anxiety in New Moms and Newborns

New moms must first understand that separation anxiety is expected and not to be surprised when it does manifest. This will prepare the new mom for any eventualities and make it easy to help the baby transition smoothly. Babies experiencing separation anxiety become fussy, cry a lot, and become clingy when they sense that they are about to be pulled away from mom. A new mom can observe this every time the baby has to be put down for bed or when the mom has to leave the baby’s vicinity for a while. Ideally, this behavior is considered a healthy response for newborns, but must be monitored and taken care of once it is eminent that the new mom has to leave the baby for long periods of time. Excessive anxiety could hinder the child’s normal development.

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As for new moms, anxiety exhibits itself in many forms. It can include incessant worrying about the baby when the new mom is away and having strong emotions when one thinks of separating from the baby. New moms may also panic and react apprehensively when forced to leave the baby even when has to do such things as taking a shower or doing other chores that involve leaving the baby. Smart advice for new mom to be is that leaving the baby for a period does not amount to neglect. they are better off getting rid of any feelings of guilt.

Tips to Ease Separation Anxiety for New Moms

Important advice for new mom is to take small steps prior to leaving the baby for long duration. One can practice trial separations by leaving the baby for short periods of time. Spending short periods of time away helps the new mom establish confidence in leaving the baby’s care to someone else. It also allows the baby to get used to the idea of not having mom around.

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When practicing separation, one should use this time to ensure that the baby’s caregiver is capable of taking care of the baby adequately. In reference to advice for new mom and dad, it is prudent for the new mom going back to work to delegate responsibilities to the new dad who is to take up the primary care role. The new mom should show the new dad what needs to be done and share any preferences that will ease their worry when away from the baby. It is also wise to leave the baby with a trustworthy caregiver who would look after the baby as they would their own child. If a new mom opts for day care services, it is best to leave the baby there for a few times and monitor how the baby is taken care. When the new mom trusts the services implicitly, it is less daunting to consider leaving the baby in their care.

Even with a lot of advice for new mom, one might still find the transition difficult. It does not hurt to check in on the baby once in a while during the day as long as it does not become an intrusion for the baby who might be used to a given routine.

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