Meals For New Moms – Best Food Ideas

The Best Meals for New Moms

What are the needed meals for new moms? What kind of vitamins she needs? New moms have different nutritional needs. Their bodies are recovering from child birth and this takes time. It also takes additional calcium and added iron for healing. If the new mom is nursing the baby, supplementing her diet with yogurt, cheeses and dairy milk will give her the calcium she needs. In addition, meals for new moms recipes include vitamins E, B and C for strengthening the immune system and cell repair.

meals for new moms

Recipes for Good Meals for New Moms

Some of these recipes should include fish such as salmon or cod and tuna fixed freshly caught is good but not canned. Canned tuna contains traces of mercury that can leach into the new mothers bloodstream and into her breast milk. Meals for new moms, what to make can include soups which are excellent nutrition. Packed with vegetables and delicious broth soups top the list on what to make. Meals for new moms ideas such as casseroles taste great and meet all of the needed nutritional requirements. Casseroles can be layered with an assortment of fresh vegetables and then meats cut into small sizes and then topped with cheese or a sauce and baked. Its a delicous way to have dinner. Food for new moms does not have to be complex. But it does need to contain foods from all of the food groups for a balanced vitamin and mineral content.

meals for new moms

Foods to Avoid for New Moms

The best food for new moms is some they will eat. Care should be taken so that if they are nursing bothersome foods such as tomatoes and chili powder should be avoided. These could cause stomach upset in the baby. Also, some trouble some foods are mustard, vinegars, alcohols,and some chocolates. These are to be avoided for now. Bottled sodas are to be avoided because of their high sugar content.

Best Meal Ideas for New Moms

  • Dairy group – Milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and butter.

These contain calcium and vitamin D3. Good for strong bones and teeth. *

  • Vegetables and Fruits group – salads, corn, carrots, spinach, kale, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, legumes, apples, peaches, oranges,

These contain vitamins B and C and give good skin while boosting your immune system.

  • Meats group – Beef, poultry, eggs, and fish.

These contribute protein to your diet and build strength and endurance.

Other Good Choices Meals for New Moms

meals for new moms

Using egg dishes such as omelets are an excellent way to add in protein without causing problems. The blandness of eggs can serve as a base for other dishes. Quiche is an example of what can be done to expand a menu and yet use basic ingredients. The best meals for new moms are packed with vitamins and not over cooked. This is a good time to try out the juicer. Its amazing what kinds of juices you can discover as you use it. Carrot juice is popular as is a variety of fruit juices. It is a very good idea to make out menus and meal plans for each week.

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