What Essentials To Include In New Mommy Survival Kit

Whether you are a new mom or know a loved one who is going to be a mom soon, then you can gift her with a new mommy survival kit that is filled with all the essential things that she might need soon after her delivery at the hospital.

New Mommy Survival Kit – A Great Gift for Every New Mother!

New Mommy Survival Kit


This kit would save her from hunting for those essentials that she might have forgotten to pack on her way to the hospital before her delivery. Even though bringing a new baby into this world is a medical miracle, the new mom would be very exhausted, with many hours of labor pain, contractions and pre labor issues. Under such a tiring situation, she needs to have something special to make her ready and take care of the baby. You can offer her new mom survival kit gift instead of flowers and balloons as it will help her handle the new mom situation in a better way. You can add a few things for the baby and for new moms as it would help them to adjust to the new surroundings much faster. If you are planning this gift for a close friend or your sister then you can search for a do it yourself project as the new mom survival kit make a great personal gift. You have to make sure that you include the following items as a part of the gift kit to delight the new mom.

  • Tote bag along with a makeup kit

Tote bag is the favorite of every woman and it can make your survival kit look befitting. You can stuff a few diapers or soft wipes in the cute tote bag. Also have a make up kit which would have essentials such as compact powder, blush and lipstick.

New Mommy Survival Kit

  • Hair care essentials

Though most of the women love to look like Kate Middleton after delivery,you can at least help them maintain their hair from the frizziness and tangles. Offer a hair brush and hair band to tie their hair.

  • Moisturizer

This is essential for a new mom as she would have a dry skin as she is dehydrated from the delivery. Also offer a moisturizer rich lip balm to help her cope up with the chapped lips as she would not be allowed to drink any water for many hours.

New Mommy Survival Kit

  • Other items in the kit

You can include disposable wash clothes, nursing pads, diapers, bibs, cream for baby’s diaper rash, baby lotion, breast cream to prevent sore nipples, breast pumps etc.If you are on the lookout of new mommy survival kit ideas you can choose a clear travel bag, old container of baby wipes or a small storage container to hold the essentials in it. Make sure you arrange it neatly and the item you choose has a pair of handles to allow it to carry elegantly. You can be sure that the new mom would be delighted from the core with this handy gift that would have all the items she needs. Thus, you know what kind of things you must include in the new mommy survival kit.

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