Checklist For New Baby – Important Homecoming Checklist

Being a parent can be a rewarding as well as a daunting experience. But it can also be downright overwhelming when you know there are a zillion things a newborn baby needs and a checklist for new baby items to keep track of. What if you buy everything on your mile long checklists and still manage to forget something crucial for when the baby gets home? Well, don’t panic as NO checklist on the planet can prepare you for each and every tiny little thing that a newborn baby might need.

checklist for new baby guide

So, with that in mind, buckle down and read our checklist for new baby guide that covers all the crucial baby homecoming checklists you should be worrying about, with the absolute essential items listed.

Checklist For New Baby: Important Homecoming Checklist

  • Do you shop from a checklist for new baby girl or a checklist for new baby boy?

If you know the gender of your unborn child, you can hit the clothing stores, and shop easily and choose the customary pinks for the girl and the blues for a beautiful baby boy. But if you want your newborn baby to be a surprise, then buy clothing that’s a mix of bright and pastel colors like yellows and greens. Do not go overboard when purchasing clothing for your newborn baby as babies overgrow their clothes in their infant stage pretty quickly.If the weather is cool when you’re due for labor, do shop for a few sweaters and other necessary woolens to keep your little one warm and snug.

  • Items in the checklist for new baby hospital bag and the checklist for new baby arrival

Pack two bags for your hospital trip – one for you and one for the baby. Include warm socks, a tracksuit or two, couple sweaters, maternity bras and nursery pads in your bag. Also, include the must-have toiletries like toothbrush, deodorant, make up etc. Also, take an extra pillow for your comfort and a camera along to take the first picture of your newborn baby. Also, it includes the warm clothing, blankets, nappy cream, disposable nappies, baby wipes, cotton wool, baby ear buds etc.

checklist for new baby guide

  • What essentials to include in the checklist for new baby coming home or the checklist for new baby nursery requirements?

Start off with a sturdy car seat for the baby. A baby homecoming checklist must comprise of plenty of tiny checklists such as:

  1. Diapering checklist
  2. Feeding checklist
  3. Health checklist
  4. Traveling checklist
  5. Safety checklist
  6. Cleaning and bathing items checklist

checklist for new baby guide

Just get the absolute essentials from each checklist and try not to go overboard buying each baby item on sight! Ask friends and neighbors for used baby gear of kids that have grown older. Get discounts with coupon codes and shop at thrift stores for good deals. Here as well you can let yourself go crazy and but expensive furniture and bedding to decorate your precious little thing’s room with the best money can buy or you can just buy the following crucial items and be content:

  1. Nursery decor like cute and artsy wall hangings (check out the thrift stores again!)
  2. A baby cot or a crib
  3. Extra bedding
  4. Baby size hangers
  5. Dresser
  6. Storage for baby’s many little things that will be easy to find for a frazzled new parent.

So, pay attention to our checklist for new baby guide and do enjoy the first couple weeks with your baby without worrying too much about what’s there and what’s not.

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