Parenting For Dummies Review

Becoming a parent is a life changing experience. All children are unique and need to be handled differently. Parents are confused and require all the support and guidance they can get during upbringing of their children. Parenting for Dummies is a great book which helps parents to understand their children better and make it a rewarding experience for both the child and parents.

Parenting For Dummies

Key topics covered in Parenting for Dummies

Parenting for Dummies is a book with simple wording and is written by parents for parents. There is no perfect way for raising children, it comes in naturally and differs from child to child. This book helps parents to learn to minimize their mistakes and have a fruitful experience with their children. This book covers all the necessary topics like developing a good relationship with their kids and ensuring they grow up to be good people. While disciplining children it is advised that parents must keep their cool and minimize the stress level. It educates parents on how to help build self-esteem in their children. The book stresses on the point of being consistent and listening to their children. It educates parents on how to deal with the child’s changing physical needs and how to make the children aware of these changes. It shares information on how to keep children healthy and safe and educate them with the necessary information for example sex education. This book helps first time parents to deal with the baby by answering the questions they have.

Parenting For Dummies

Learning Parenting For Dummies

Parenting for Dummies provides the basic knowledge required for parenting to deal with the everyday issues like discipline, handling tantrums, dealing with bedtime and more. It provides friendly advice and tips for dealing with kids from newborn to pre-teens. It suggests what to do and what to avoid in some specific situations. It has answers to almost all parenting questions like dealing with cranky babies, communicating effectively with children, guidelines for co-parenting. This book helps to make parenting easier and rewarding.

Parenting For Dummies

Benefits of reading Parenting For Dummies

  • As the book is written by parents for parents, it is well researched and has some very good advice to share.
  •  The language used is simple and easy to understand.
  • The chapter on communicating with children is very informative.
  • This book discloses many useful insights about which parents never think and in turn make mistakes.
  •  The book is well structured and provides some tips about the practical aspects of being a parent.-
  •  The book also has the humor content which makes reading enjoying and fun.

Parenting For Dummies

What you may not like about Parenting For Dummies

  • Some of the tips provided in the book are very common and most of the people would already know it.
  • If the parents wants to know on specific topics like how physiological development they will have to buy another book as this book is more focused on simple and day to day aspects of parenting.

There is nothing like being a perfect parent, you will learn as your children grow. Parenting For Dummies is loved by parents for its simple language and how they could associate their situation while reading the book as the authors have included their real life experiences with their own children.

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