Fun Exercises For Baby And Mommy Bonding Time

It starts immediately after pregnancy when everything you do as the mother affects your unborn baby. This is just an act of building a bond between baby and mommy and is the biology of love that is just beginning. It is true that the bond between a mother and her child is very important, one that may design their future relationship. Bonding with your newborn baby, particularly through exercise plays an important role in the emotional health of the child, besides boosting his or her brain functions. But what are some of the fun exercises that a mother and her baby can bond with?

Baby And Mommy

Massage is by far one of the most practical ways through which a mother can bond with her child. It is arguably the greatest way of enhancing the connection between you and your child while also releasing a hormone that increases happiness and emotional attachment. Gently touching your baby also plays an important role in developing the child’s emotional and sensory awareness. On the same note, massage also stimulates the development of growth and digestive hormones. Besides that, a tender massage is also effective in de-stressing the baby.

Another great way of exercising with your child while increasing the bond between the two of you is by just carrying your baby around. If you want to use your hands for something else, then using a baby sling is very handy. By doing this, you not only increase the bond between you and your child but also help your baby gain weight.

Baby And Mommy

Naturally, small babies do not have control of their muscles. However, they still enjoy the feeling of moving and extending their limbs around. In this respect, you can wrap the baby’s hand around your fingers as the baby lies on his or her back, while extending the limbs or crossing the arms over the chest. However, great care should be taken to avoid stretching the baby’s limbs too far.

Besides that, you can also play ball with your baby as a form of increasing the bond. This is a great way of strengthening his or her abdominal, neck and back muscles. A lot of babies do not like being placed facing down on the floor. So instead, try something like laying your baby tummy-down on something soft. While holding your baby securely, move him or her around in circles, backward and forward.

Baby And Mommy

More often than not, babies like looking at their mother’s faces. They often stare while trying to memorize or imitate every expression they see. In this respect, engaging in activities that involve facial expressions with your child is another great way of bonding with your new born. As a mother, you can lay down on your back, lowering and raising the baby while making funny facial expressions. This not only entertains your baby but also strengthens his or her arm muscles.

There is no denying that bonding with your new born baby is an important aspect of child development. By bonding with her baby, a mother is able to know what her baby’s needs are. This is instrumental when it comes to improving a baby’s mental and physical development and the overall relationship between baby and mommy.

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