Effective Methods On How To Discipline A 2 Year Old

The most effective methods on how to discipline a 2 year old depend on the parents ability to motivate and nurture the desirable abilities of their kids. Instilling discipline is a teaching and learning process but disciplining a strong willed child is more than that. It takes a lot of energy, zeal and zest to discipline a toddler and most parents often find themselves in the “square peg in a round hole” situation because they elicit fear rather than discipline in their toddlers.

Effective Methods On How To Discipline A 2 Year Old

How to discipline a 2 year old who doesn’t listen

Positive reinforcement is the best way to discipline a 2-year-old child that does not listen. Praising highly and reprimanding calmly will also do the trick. Give the child time outs in a boring place, to make them understand that you do not like their unaccepted behaviors.

Discipline A 2 Year Old

Additionally, threats should be accompanied by their corresponding consequences, lest the child will not listen to you until you walk your talk. It is also imperative to learn how your child behaves when hungry or sleepy so that you do not expose him or her to stressful situations by changing their routines abruptly. You should not take the child for granted, try seeing things in their perspective and involve them in the decisions that affect them directly.

How to discipline a 2 year old who throws things

Discipline A 2 Year Old

A child who throws things around can cause a lot of damage to the surrounding and may even cause dangers. Disciplining such a child involves:

  •  Changing their place of play. You can take the child to another room or change their playing ground.
  •  Give the child his or her favorite book or toy in order to make her or him forget throwing things around

How to discipline a 2 year old with ADHD

Children with the Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) need special attention from their parents. This is because ADHD impairs learning and other functions of a child’s brain. In addition, ADHD treatment is specific to a certain child. When disciplining a 2 year old with this chronic disorder, consulting a pediatrician is recommended on top of the following tips:

Discipline A 2 Year Old

  • Use time-out and time-in strategies consistently. Time outs should be brief, for instance about 1-2 minutes. If a kid ignores your time out order, double it or impose an alternative punishment but do not lose your temper.
  •  Be consistent, remember practice makes perfect. Let your kid observe the daily schedules and routines as verbal instructions may not be effective especially if your kid does not listen. You also need to adjust your expectations, as Rome cannot be built in one day.
  •  Talk to your child about ADHD honestly and reward good work, but tweak the rewarding system appropriately.
  •  Allow your kid to choose the activity that they find attractive, and clear away distractions from that activity. When things are not running smoothly, redirect the child to another activity and know when to stop concentrating too much on your child’s activities.

How to discipline a 2 year old without hitting

Two year olds feel independent their endless curiosity and need to draw attention may lead to some accidents. Disciplining a two year old could be overwhelming, but hitting is a no-no. If the child is doing something specifically to draw your attention, you can choose to pretend that you do not recognize their actions.

Discipline A 2 Year Old

You may also like to inform your child that there are consequences to every action in life, and that some of them can be dangerous.

How to discipline a 2 year old that screams

Parents should act calm when disciplining a 2-year-old child that screams. They should not spank, scream back, or fight with their children when they scream. A toddler throws a tantrum to indicate that they are frustrated.

Discipline A 2 Year Old

  1. Ensure that the child is in a safe place and if you are holding him or her, be gentle.
  2.  Remain calm and let the child know that you still love him or her. Hug the kid tightly and passionately.
  3. Show the child that you understand her frustration and you will not upset her again.
  4.  Once she has stopped screaming, speak to her calmly and encourage her not to scream in the future. If you had warned her about screaming before, then punish her mildly (avoid physical punishment at all costs)

Though these tips are important, it is more important to nip the problem in the bud by avoiding the circumstances that make your child to scream. Remember the saying: prevention is better than cure.

How to discipline a 2 year old who hits and bites

Discipline A 2 Year Old

In this case, you need to:

  • Calm down. Do not get carried away with anger just because you 2-year boy has bitten her sister or hit a neighbors child. Instead, make it clear to the child that his action was wrong, and repeat these sentiments until they sink in his head.
  • Give the child an ultimatum, and stick to it. For instance, if you tell her or him that they will not visit their babysitter if they hit their playmates, so be it.

Concisely, the above tips on how to discipline a 2 year old son or daughter are based on good parenting skills and creating a conducive environment for toddler behavior. You need to practice the art of redirection, distractions, brief breaks and common sense. Sometimes you have to put yourself into the shoes of a toddler but above all, you have to be a role model.

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