Cradle And Swing Fisher Price Review

Every parent finds it difficult to make their baby sleep. They may be in search of new ideas for achieving the same. Fisher Price has come out with a solution for this. Cradle And Swing Fisher Price is one such product which helps you in making your baby sleep without any effort. It helps you in making asleep even the crankiest of all babies. There may be plenty of cradles and swing available in the market, but this product from Fisher price is unique and special. This is absolutely a perfect gift for your cutie pie.

Cradle And Swing Fisher Price

Main Features of Cradle And Swing Fisher Price

The Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing have been specifically designed for a great soothing experience. The most interesting part about its design is its soft and cozy seats. There are two swinging motions and seat positions available. This enables you to choose your own option based on your baby’s mood. Both front to back and side to side swinging provides an extremely soothing mood for your baby. It has 8 lullabies that make your baby feel calm and sleepy. Apart from this it also has 8 day time songs. It also has 6 soothing speeds. So the mother can customize the song as well as speed based on the baby’s mood. There is also a sweet little canopy that surrounds your baby and when you switch it on a magical butterfly light show is projected inside the canopy. This will take your baby to a land of dreams.

 Cradle And Swing Fisher Price

Additional Features of Cradle And Swing Fisher Price

This is an extremely safe cradle for your baby because of the three point harness system. It has been designed with sturdy steel frame which makes it easy to carry and more durable. There are several additional features which include power cord (AC adaptor) and detachable seat pad. The seat pad is extremely soft that will make your baby feel comfortable. Apart from this, it is easy to clean. It can even be machine washed.

 Cradle And Swing Fisher Price

Pros of Cradle And Swing Fisher Price

Based on the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing Review, there are plenty of pros for this product, some of them are:

  1. This provides a better and longer nap for your baby.
  2. The built in headrest is extremely comfortable for the kids. It helps in preventing unwanted jerks to baby’s head.
  3. It is easy to dismantle and assemble back again.
  4. Use of battery can be avoided as it has a plug along with it, thus saving a lot of money.
  5. Even on high speed swings the baby does not get disturbed.

 Cradle And Swing Fisher Price

Cons of  Cradle And Swing Fisher Price

As a coin has two sides, this product also has some cons:

  1. It is only available in pink color giving most of us an impression that it is not suitable for boys.
  2.  The swing may cause sparks due to the use of DC motors. But it is normal and noting to worry about.
  3. You can fold this swing for storing but can’t be folded to make it very small.
  4. The sound of the music can be annoying for some of you.

By considering all pros and cons, the Cradle And Swing Fisher Price is worth all the money that you pay for it and is a perfect gift for your baby.

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