Best Nursery Bedding Collections And Sets – NoJo Jungle Crib Set

Children are particularly sensitive and delicate. This calls for equally delicate clothes and bedding which makes the NoJo Jungle Crib Set the best nursery bedding. It is a 6 piece bedding set which includes a cot bumper, comforter, bed sheet, dust ruffle, window valance and a diaper stacker. All these are the things needed for babies hence saving one the time and money in buying them separately. However, this crib set has varying features that make it one of best nursery bedding collections.

Best Nursery Bedding

Features of the Best Nursery Bedding Collections And Sets – NoJo Jungle Crib Set

  • 100 % cotton

Cotton is the best material especially for cot bedding. It is highly absorbent which means that the baby remains dry all through the night. Any sweat or urine leak will be quickly absorbed by the cotton material hence keeping the baby dry and comfortable. Cotton is also soothing to a baby’s skin unlike other materials.

  • Fits a standard size mattress

The bedding is specially made for a standard baby cot measuring 28 by 52. This eliminates the chances of the bedding not fitting the majority. It is therefore advisable that one gets a standard baby cot.

  • Textured fabrics

The six piece crib set is made of textured fabric. This is not only attractive but keeps the baby entertained by looking and touching it. The different materials that make this one of best nursery bedding sets is the Velboa plush, Corduroy and Cotton. This is a unique combination that adds appeal to the set.

  • Coordinating infant bedding

Apart from the functionality of this bedding set, it has an appeal that is brought about the coordinating items included; musical mobile, sheet, lamp and shade, wall border, blanket, plush, wall decal and three piece wall hangings. All these add to the appeal of the nursery but most importantly add comfort and are functional to the needs of the child.

The bedding set has different animals such as a monkey, giraffe, elephant, lion, turtle and a tiger. These are entertaining to the baby and suitable for the baby’s room. The set is also double sided and one can turn over to the polka side.

Best Nursery Bedding

  • Machine washable

This bedding set can be machine washed hence easy to maintain. The materials are delicate but can withstand machine washing. However, it is advisable that you wash like colors to prevent discoloring the bedding set. It is also advisable to tumble dry on low heat in order to maintain the texture and quality of the material. After washing, it also best to remove the bedding set promptly.

  •  Fun colors

The NoJo Jungle Crib Set has fun colors that are child friendly hence create entertainment. These colors on the crib set include; sage, aqua, ivory, rust and brown.

Pros of the Best Nursery Bedding Collections And Sets – NoJo Jungle Crib Set

  1. The material on this crib set is soft to the baby’s sensitive skin.
  2. It is made of high quality material.
  3. Decorative to the baby’s nursery.

Best Nursery Bedding

Cons of the Best Nursery Bedding Collections And Sets – NoJo Jungle Crib Set

  1. It comes as a set therefore one cannot get a single piece or purchase less pieces.

Best Nursery Bedding

Amazon is the best place to buy nursery bedding especially this set. Shopping requires less energy time and energy. One also has the opportunity to get all the items delivered to their location of choice hence convenient. This is what makes it the best nursery bedding in the market.

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