Best Baby Walker – Joovy Spoon Walker Review

When babies are ready for the walking stage, it is advisable to ensure that they get all the help required to make this transition easy and possible for them. This can conveniently be done through the support of the best baby walker in the market. Holding the child’s hand to support them in taking the first steps in life might not be possible as the parents and caregivers might be too busy for it. The Joovy spoon baby walker is probably the best baby walker to help make this milestone easy, quick and possible to hit. It has a combination of features that makes it a worthy purchase for children who are ready to learn walking. However it is best to note that this is the best baby walker for short babies only.

best baby walker

Features of the Best Baby Walker:

  • Super Sized Tray with Removable Insert

Unlike others, the Joovy spoon has no baby walker toys on its tray in order to enhance the safety measures of the child. The super sized tray creates a suitable area to place safe toys that a parent has selected for the child. The super sized tray also comes with a removable insert which is suitable for meal times. It is dish washer safe and can be stored in the kitchen along with all the other utensils. Its glossy white color adds to its appeal.

  •  Wide Based to Prevent Accidents and Stability

The wide base on this walker is designed to ensure that the baby’s feet are safe from getting pinched when backing up or moving forward. The wide base also creates stability for the walker hence keeping the baby safe from tipping over.

  •  Comfortable Seat Pad

The Joovy spoon baby walker has a comfortable seat pad which adds to the baby’s comfort. The seat pad can be removed and machine washed easily without getting damaged. This feature contributes to its high rank in the best baby walker reviews.

best baby walker

  •  Three Height Position

This baby walker is designed with a three height position which adjusts up and down according to the baby’s height. The shorter the baby the lower the seat should be set.

  •  Folds Flat for Easy Storage

The Joovy spoon baby walker can be folded flat for easy storage and transportation. It then unfolds open with ease hence adding to its convenience.

  •  Non Slip Stair Pads

Every walker needs to be safe for a baby even under minimal supervision from the parent or guardian. The Joovy spoon baby walker has non slip stair pads which prevent the baby in the walker from falling over. In case the baby pushes the walker at the edge of the stairs, the walker will get stuck hence not move.

best baby walker

PROS of Best Baby Walker

  1. Stylish with a modern sleek design
  2. Cannot tip over
  3. Safe without toys that might be harmful for the baby

CONS of Best Baby Walker

  1. Not suitable for tall babies. Seat is too low hence putting baby on a crouching position

The Joovy Spoon is the best baby walker in the market. All its features work together to help the baby walk swiftly and comfortably while reducing the risks of accidents that might harm the baby.

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