Advice For A New Mom On Socializing With Other New Moms

Becoming a new mom changes a woman’s life exceptionally. What better way to share this life-changing moment with those who are going through the exact same experience. This article offers advice for a new mom on expanding one’s social circle to include other new moms.

Advice For A New Mom

Advice For A New Mom On Socializing With Other New Moms

  • Where to meet other new moms

Of late, there seems to be an upward trend of new moms social groups. What’s great about this kind of groups is that a new mom can get so much insight from other new moms ranging from thoughts on baby care to time management. It’s also easy to empathize because members can relate to the joys as well as the periodic difficulties that motherhood brings. There is a sense of team and being new moms is what holds you together.

Advice For A New Mom

  • Finding the best fit

Another great thing about clubs for new moms is that each group is distinct from another. What each offers is as diverse as they come. You’ve got a group for new moms of kids of a certain age bracket. Another seeks to connect new moms who are into music and the arts. Still another reaches out to those who are the outdoorsy type. Whatever your interests are, it is highly likely that you’ll find your best fit. All you have to do is to do a little bit of research about where to meet other new moms. Links such as redtri.com/new-york/mom-groups-clubs/ and www.meetup.com/NewMomsSocial/ will direct you to many new groups which share your interests. You can also take frequent visits to places where new moms usually hang out — at the park, at the playground, or by the lake. When these opportunities present themselves, it’s time to employ your social skills in the most effective way possible.

  • Social skills checklist

Below is a checklist of social skills that you must generally have to be able to connect with others, especially new moms, more effectively.

  • Do I initiate engaging conversations?
  • Am I a good listener?
  • Do I exude an aura of acceptance and non-judgment?
  • Do I keep eye contact?
  • Do I actively avoid negative tendencies like ranting and constant complaining?

Advice For A New Mom

Tips and other advice For A New Mom

After an honest self-evaluation, how did you fare? If you got a four or a five, you’re well on your way to better expand your social circle. If not, then strive to improve. The most basic is to be less self-absorbed and be more empathizing. This does not mean that you stop from sharing your thoughts or feelings. It just means you must be aware of the symbiotic nature of socializing — you give and take; you share and listen.

The next obvious question is how does one exactly improve her social skills? The best way to do this is to be proactive. Suggest doing things together such as yoga or stroller zumba dancing. Organize playdates, picnics at the park, and themed parties. There are so many things that you can initiate that will not only bring you all together, it also gives you more opportunities to practice your social skills.

Indeed, becoming a mother ushers in a shift of lifestyle. Our advice for the new mom is to reach out to other new moms. One can just imagine the wealth of knowledge and insight only a fellow mother can offer.

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